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Epiphyseal Growth Plate Fractures
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This comprehensive reference work covers all aspects of growth plate fractures and their complications. Following general reviews of growth plate fractures, 21 chapters deal with each epiphyseal growth plate in the body. All of these chapters are constructed similarly for easy and quick retrieval of the required information. The main emphasis is on evaluation (diagnosis) and management (treatment). A separate section is devoted to premature partial physeal arrest, as this is by far the most common and feared complication of a growth plate fracture and its treatment is involved and controversial. The case studies included are often based on 20- to 30-year follow-ups, revealing cases that originally appeared to be quite satisfactory at the conclusion of growth but were found to have turned out quite poorly years later. This unique text is an essential and excellent resource for any pediatric orthopedic surgeon as well as all personnel in the emergency room. TOC:Physeal Fracture: General Considerations: Historical Review.- Anatomy and Growth.- Classification.- Epidemiology.- Evaluation.- Management.- Prognosis.- Complications. Physeal Fracture: Anatomic Sites: Phalanges (Hand).- Distal Radius.- Distal Tibia.- Distal Fibula.- Metacarpal.- Phalanges (Foot).- Distal Humerus.- Distal Ulna.- Proximal Humerus.- Distal Femur.- Metatarsals.- Proximal Tibia.- Proximal Radius.- Proximal Ulna.- Proximal Clavicle.- Pelvis (Triradiate Cartilage).- Distal Clavicle.- Proximal Femoral Capital Physis.- Proximal Fibula.- Spine (Vertebral Body Endplate).- Ribs. Partial Physeal Arrest: Etiology.- Assessment.- Management, General.- Bar Excision.- Physeal Distraction.- Physeal Cartilage Transplantation.- Spontaneous Resolution.

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