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AO Principles of Fracture Management in the Dog...
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This publication is intended to be the complete source for the AO principles and methods of fracture management, principles of patient management, and descriptions of procedures used to manage specific fractures in dogs and cats. Includes teaching videos on DVD. - 33 chapters covering: AO philosophy and principles, perioperative patient management, implants: descriptions and application, fracture healing, fracture management (mandible/maxilla; scapula; humerus; ulna/radius; pelvis; spine; femur; patella; tibia/fibula; carpus/tarsus; metacarpal/metatarsal bones, digits), corrective osteotomies, complications of fracture treatment (delayed unions; nonunions; malunions; osteomyelitis; implant failures; refracture after implant removal), arthrodesis, glossary, index

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