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Megalithic Science's General Quantum Theory
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The author is an experienced systems and organisational analyst who examined ancient sources with present-day analytical methods to retrieve our ancestors' sciences. This uncovered a general quantum theory offering answers to current questions such as, • Why do galaxies form spiral arms? • Why is the universe expanding at an accelerating rate? • What can travel through a black hole? • What does dark matter do? • Where does dark energy come from? • What does String Theory describe? • Why is it impossible to detect gravitons? • Which other boson types exist, what do they do, and when is the best time to spot them? This systematic analysis builds on the findings of experts from diverse scientific domains. It examines a selection of ancient traditions and texts in the context of more than 200 artefacts dating from before the Neolithic to pre-Renaissance times. Accounts & Findings: Prof. Henri d'Arbois de Jubainville Prof. Christian-J. Guyonvarc'h Prof. R. A. Stewart Macalister Prof. Joseph Déchelette Prof. Henri Hubert Prof. Rudolf Egger Prof. Alexander Thom Prof. Donald C. Heggie Prof. Paul-Henri Michel Jean Markale Prof. Hermann Diels Prof. Helge S. Kragh Prof. Paul Dirac Prof. Stephen Hawking Prof. Werner Heisenberg Plutarch Demetrius Pythagoras Anaximander Empedocles Anaxagoras Michel de Castelnau ..and others Traditions & Artefacts: Do Suidigud Tellaich Temra Cath Maighe Tuireadh Táin Bó Cúalgne Senchus Môr Saltair na Rann Forbuis Droma Damghaire Leabhar na hUidre Auraicept na nÉces Immacallam in dá Thúarad Book of Ballymote Coligny calendar Lascaux cave paintings Standing Stone of Rathduff Aberlemno Standing Stones Nigg Stone Serpent Stone Rodney Stone Tangendorf disk Bahrendorf fibula ..and many others

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